About Us

Youmooda was born as an online shop, parallel to the physical store "My Way". Its aim is that of bringing the style we believe in out of the local territory, offering high quality clothing, bags and shoes, preferring made in Italy brands. We are committed to keeping the quality standard of the fabrics we select very high, because this philosophy is what we have built our success on.

Among our most famous brands, you can find Elisabetta Franchi, Patrizia Pepe, Liu Jo and Twin-Set, because we want to offer contemporary women a total look based on refinement, elegance and modernity, leaving freedom for the expression of personality.

After four years of activity, we do not want to limit our spectrum of brands, enriching the proposal year by year, adapting it to any type of occasion. Therefore, you will find from formal dresses to casual clothing, without ever giving up the glamorous and trendy style.